Whether you are creating a new committed relationship, separating, or changing the details of your existing arrangements, I can help you respectfully and quickly resolve the issues.

I help families across British Columbia work through disagreements in a way that minimizes stress and protects your savings. I 'paper' your decisions with a legal written agreement that you can rely on.

My business is structured on the premise that people deserve access to healthy and efficient problem-solving for legal, financial, parenting and communication issues.

FOCUSED RESOLUTION. So you can move on with your life.

Christina Vinters

Hi, I'm Christina Vinters! I'm an accredited Family Law Mediator and "ex" Divorce Lawyer.

Christina Vinters

I believe that people deserve a way to peacefully handle family transitions so that they can continue their lives in a functional way. 

Through my years of work as a Divorce Lawyer and Family Law Mediator, I have extensive experience helping clients with most types of family situations, both preventing problems and resolving disagreements. I have had the privilege of serving clients who required assistance structuring the division of net worth in the tens of millions of dollars as well as clients for whom the sole focus was coordinating the healthy co-parenting of their children.

I now focus my time and energy as a Family Law Mediator helping families with the de-escalation of conflict, and the creation and documentation of new family arrangements. I help people resolve a wide range of family issues without court intervention, and formalize their decisions with a written agreement.


Testimonial for Christina Vinters

Testimonial for Christina Vinters

Testimonial for Christina Vinters

Testimonial for Christina Vinters
Christina Vinters - Credentials -


  • University of Toronto - Honours Bachelor of Arts

  • University of Victoria - Juris Doctor (Law Degree)

  • University of Victoria - Horne Coupar Family Law Prize

  • Law Society of British Columbia Member - Non-Practicing Lawyer

  • Law Society of British Columbia  - Accredited Family Law Mediator


Hundreds of hours of additional training in family law, family mediation, online mediation, collaborative dispute resolution, negotiation, conflict and stress management, conflict and personality disorders, and more.


Christina Vinters - Pathways to Amicable Divorce

It was important to me to find a way to help people easily obtain the information that they need to work towards a healthy and efficient separation. I wrote Pathways to Amicable Divorce as an easy-to-read guide to separation full of strategies for resolving issues without ending up in family court.


"... Start here! ...This book is a master resource for those who want to consider out-of-court options, including a list of province by province and state by state online resources... She has really done her research and the reader will benefit from how well she has organized and simplified tons of information, written in a very accessible way."

- Bill Eddy, family lawyer, mediator, therapist, and international speaker. Author of The Future of Family Court and BIFF: Quick Responses to High Conflict People. Developer of the New Ways for Families method for separating and divorcing parents:

"By addressing the early stages of the divorce process in such a compelling and thorough manner, Christina Vinters has made a substantial contribution to the health and welfare of the divorcing population, especially the children."

- Dr. Susan Gamache, Ph.D., Registered Psychologist, Marriage & Family Therapist

"This book is a powerful resource for anyone in a range of scenarios, from contemplating separating from their spouse, through the throes of divorce, worried about the impact of divorce on their child, or even just trying to figure out how to offer counsel to a friend in need..."

- Professor Gillian Calder, LL.M., Family Law Professor & Associate Dean of the Faculty of Law at the University of Victoria

"No reasonable person could wish to have the misery of a litigated divorce. This book clearly and succinctly guides readers towards an amicable divorce. It's full of insightful tips to help them start out on the right path..."

- J. Mark Weiss, J.D., Attorney, Mediator, & International Academy of Collaborative Professionals Board Member

The book's publication was highlighted in the Morning Star newspaper.

Available at: Bookland in Vernon, BC,, and the Okanagan Regional Library.

Christina Vinters - Process -
  • Private & Confidential Initial Consultation for each participant

  • Joint Meeting (s)

  • Written Agreement

  • Done!


I offer daytime or evening meetings to accommodate your schedule.


I serve clients across British Columbia using technology within their comfort-level, including by telephone, email, video chat, and in person meetings.

Technology allows people in remote communities, under-serviced communities, or areas where legal expenses are extremely expensive to access my family law services.

I am based in Vernon, BC.


If you have already discussed and agreed upon specific terms, we can meet all together to review the details of your verbal agreement and then prepare a legal written agreement based on your joint instructions. In family law, a verbal agreement is not enforceable.

Meeting together with a Family Law Mediator, rather than one person retaining a lawyer to draft the agreement, can feel like a more balanced and comfortable process for many people. The joint effort reduces the fear and risk that the agreement has been drafted for the benefit of only one person to the detriment of the other.


Mediation is a flexible and highly effective process. The goal is to reach the best possible outcomes for each person and the process requires respectful, good faith negotiations. With the guidance of a skilled Family Law Mediator, most people are able to effectively navigate difficult life transitions and preserve the health and functionality of their relationship going forward.

I provide legal information regarding the issues facing your family, facilitate discussions of possible resolutions, and prepare a legal written agreement for you based on your joint instructions; all in ways that are tailored to your family's needs.

Christina Vinters - Philosophy -

I believe that most families are best served by resolving issues cooperatively through mediation, a flexible and highly effective process for helping people transcend challenges.

I focus on de-escalation of conflict and efficient, respectful resolution of issues.

I understand that uncertainty regarding fees will add to your stress in what is already a difficult time. 


For these reasons, I provide a cost-effective FLAT FEE PACKAGE to meet my clients' family law needs. This means NO BILLING SURPRISES. I am able to provide my clients this benefit by keeping my overhead expenses low with a home office and using technology to my clients' benefit.

Christina Vinters - Services -